3 Simple Reasons Never to Buy Vegetarian Eggs

3 Nov

You’ve seen the cartons exclaiming “vegetarian eggs” and like everyone else, you’ve tossed them in your basket thinking they were healthier for you. Well, think again. Here’s three reasons from Tara Firma Farms’ poultry expert Keating Wallau why you never should buy vegetarian eggs:

1. Chickens aren’t vegetarians. An all-vegetarian diet isn’t natural for them. That’s pretty simple. They want to be out pecking and scratching around the field for bugs, living grass and the myriad of other living things in a natural grassland.

2. For a chicken to be all vegetarian it almost always means it is contained in a coop and fed corn. We’ve all seen what those conditions are like for the birds.

3. Vegetarian chickens’ eggs are the lowest in nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, new research is showing that non-vegarian–pastured eggs like Tara Firma Farms produces are healthy for your heart.



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