The Perfect Gifts For Foodie Friends

8 Nov

Food lovers love food gifts. And the classic food gift is the gift basket. But gift baskets don’t have to be boring groupings of bad jellies and stale crackers. Here’s some prepared ideas the expert curators at Cheese Plus offer, or call them at 415-921-2001 to create custom ones. These are always a hit and if you are around when it’s opened, you get to partake!

Snack Attack $75:

A munchy maniac’s dream come true. Spanish Marcona almonds, pickled peppers, chocolate bridge mix, stuffed olives, crackers, cookies and licorice.

Cheese Lovers $90:

The world’s finest cheeses including Camembert, Blue, Cheddar, Manchego and creamy goat accompanied with fig jam, Marcona almonds and crackers.

Fog City $85:

A bountiful assortment of our favorite Bay Area artisan foods including cheese, salami, honey, mustard, biscotti, chocolate, crackers and preserves.

Fiore di Italia $100:

Your passport to great taste including smooth extra virgin olive oil, sweet and tangy Balsamic vinegar, pasta gnocchi, chocolate, Parmigiano Reggiano and La Tur cheeses and Crostini crackers.

Meat Lovers $100:

All things carnivorous including local artisan salame, duck leg confit, smoky pastrami, Spanish chorizo, creamy pate’ cornichon pickles, mustard and more.


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