Three Great Domestic Cheeses That Can Blow Away Their European Counterparts

12 Nov

While Cheese Plus is known for finding, praising and selling the best cheeses the Old World has to offer, we also acknowledge and love the artisan cheese makers on this side of the pond. Some are even making new classics that can blow away many of our European favorites. Here’s three we love.

  1. Rush Creek Reserve: From Upland Cheese, a family-run dairy in SW Wisconsin. Inspired by the French Vacherin Mont d’Or, this traditional farmstead cheese is made only in the fall as their cows’ diets transition from fresh summer pastures to winter’s dry hay. It’s a custard-soft cheese with a deep but delicate richness like a finely cured meat while having a sweet, woodsy flavor from being bound in spruce bark. Image
  2. Shaker Blue: This assertive raw sheep milk blue from Old Chatham Shepherding Co in upstate New York is their take on French Roquefort although we find it to be more bold and rustic. Creamy yet crumbly with salty pockets of aquamarine blue, this is a baguette’s best friend! A great match with Sierra Beauty apples.Image
  3. Barinaga Ranch: Made right here in West Marin on 800 acres above Tomales Bay, this classic sheepsmilk cheese is made in small batches just like its Basque inspirations. Nutty, grassy and buttery yet firm, it’s been called one of America’s finest cheeses and always sells out so make sure you get some early this season!

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