What You Should Be Eating This Week

12 Nov


One of the main reasons Tara started Tara Firma Farms is because she’s a huge believer in eating seasonally through a CSA program.  It’s a mind shift. Rather than thinking about what you want to eat then shopping for it, CSA members receive a box of fresh, seasonal foods and figure what do do with it. Beyond expanding your culinary creativity and without getting into the debate on the environmental impact shipping and storing food actually has, here are five great reasons for eating seasonally.

  1. It’s better for your health. It’s widely accepted that fruits and vegetables are most nutritious closest to their pick date because they lose stored organic materials as they respirate after picking. Also, food in the supermarket is there based on yield, growth rate, and ability to withstand long-distance transport.
    Unfortunately, the traits which benefit national and international produce distribution aren’t usually the ones that maximize nutritional quality. Local farmers grow for flavor, nutrition and diversity vs shipability.
  2. Eating seasonally means variety. This gives your body a better assortment of vitamins and nutrients and your palate some entertainment.
  3. It’s less expensive.
  4. Eating local foods support the local economy! Farmers get a far higher cut when they can sell direct.
  5. Tastes better. You just can’t beat fruits and vegetables that are allowed to ripen fully. When fruits and vegetables need to endure the rigors of shipping they have to be picked when they are more rugged, i.e. unripe.

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