The 5 Most Popular Items at Cheese Plus

7 Dec
  1. Brillat Savarin Triple Crème: This triple creme is the richest, creamiest soft ripened cheese in the store. It is 75% butterfat which is just 9% lower than butter itself. Hello? Needless to say it melts on the palate. Named after a famous 18th century French gastronome, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who is known for the quote “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” We assure you that if you eat this you are happy.Image
  2. Pasamontes Manchego: This nine-month artisan raw sheep milk cheese is made by octegenarians Mr. and Mrs. Pasamontes in the same way and place their relatives used since the 1870’s.  It’s a firm and complex cheese with deep nutty rich flavors. Because it’s made exclusively from the milk of a closed herd of 200 sheep and known as Spain’s best Manchego it’s always in limited supply.Image
  3. Rustic Bakery Crackers: Their crunchy snap and classic San Francisco sourdough flavor make these handmade, organic, Marin County delights the crackers of choice for Bay Area cheese lovers. Image
  4. David’s Old World Pastrami: Rachel and David Michael Cane, hosts of the award winning culinary travel radio show “A Matter of Taste” wanted to bring a taste of their NYC youth to the Bay Area so they began making pastrami. They brine and slow-cure briskets and navels hand rubbed with a special blend of garlic and spices, slowly smoked over real hardwood fires, and then steamed to the perfect texture. The result is always properly spiced, perfectly smoked and succulently tender. It’s a SF favorite.Image
  5. Jeni’s Ice Cream: We can’t say enough about Jeni’s–especially during the holidays when they release their unique seasonal varieties. This Ohio brand creates amazing hand made American deliciousness using only pure ingredients and milk and cream from cows that eat grass.Image

One Response to “The 5 Most Popular Items at Cheese Plus”

  1. Carol Graci (@carolgraci) December 10, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    I thought a aged manchego has a dark rind where a young one has a lighter rind like the picture you have.

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