Soil Cycle Simplified

10 Dec

Cows grazingThe soil cycle is as follows:  Healthy soil has microbial life.  Microbial life is important as its poo feeds plants (yes, microbes poo). Plants or grasses photosynthesize carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back into the ground where it belongs (this is called carbon sequestration).  Grasses have to be growing to photosynthesize and therefore need a haircut every 2 to 3 months in order to continue to grow.  The cows, chickens and pigs do the haircutting.  If managed correctly they don’t overgraze the grass to the ground but instead only are take a top bite and then are moved to the next pasture.  This allows the grasses to recover and in doing so sequester more carbon.  The animal poo is food for the microbilal life…and back to the beginning!–Tara Smith, Founder, Tara Firma Farms

The amount of carbon that can be restored in the world’s degraded agricultural soils will directly influence global food security and climate change within our lifetime.” – Rattan Lal, director of the carbon management and sequestration centre at Ohio State University.

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