Four Great Local Brews to Support Your Local Team

2 Feb

We’ve put together a tight selection of local brews for the big day. Drink stuff that’s made here to support your SF team!–John Herbstritt of Cheese Plus

Almanac Beer Co Biere de Chocolat and Extra IPA:

Two new brews from SF-based Almanac Beer Co. showcase local barley, malts, hops, and locally-roasted cocoa nibs from Dandelion Chocolate. The Biere de Chocolat is a smoked porter base with layers of chocolate and citrus. Rich texture deepened with fresh local hops. The Extra IPA combines everything you love about our distinctive CA style with the richness of a Saison. They add mandarins from Blossom Bluff Farm to bring out the latent citrus flavors of the hops. Which is all to say that these are great companions for a rich game-watching experience.


Anchor Brekle’s:

Single-hop all malt brown beer made by our favorite old-school local brewery. Coffee and caramel play with hints of orange rind making it not only the perfect beer for cheering on the 49ers, but also a great winter beer in general.

Anchor Breckles

21st Amendment Sneak Attack:

Local hipster-bro beer outfit 21st amendment created a winter Saison that is as delicious as it is unexpected. It is assertively spicy: brewed with whole cardamom pods and dry-hopped to perfection. These guys were instrumental in quenching the thirsts of rabid Giant’s fans during the Summer’s conquests and are eager to lend their talents to the battle at hand.

Sneak Attack

Drake’s Denogginizer Imperial IPA:

Double IPA from one of our favorite new Bay Area breweries located in San Leandro. Double the hops equals double the bitter, but they’re balanced by uber rich Crystal and Munich malts. I know what you’re going to say: San Leandro is in the East Bay which means they’re probably Raiders fans. But let’s put transbay rivalries aside just for a moment, come together, and enjoy great local brews.



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