Why You Should Drink Real and Grower Champagne This Valentine’s Day

14 Feb
French Champagne
Real champagne is so worthwhile because the region comprises the best terroir in the world for sparkly wine and because over the course of two centuries winemakers there have perfected the art of making it. But more importantly, grower champagne is the real gem

Large champagne houses buy grapes from growers and vinify themselves, making “house styles” that are divorced from the time and the place from which they came. Small-scale growers farm their own grapes and make their own wine, allowing them to pay closer attention to each bottle. Paradoxically, the price you pay for one of these small-scale projects is often less than what you would pay for a similar quality bottle of Veuve: when you purchase a “luxury” yellow label bottle, you’re paying as much for the label as you are for what’s in the bottle.

So this Valentine’s day buy small. We’ve got a great selection of small-scale sparklies: Philipponnat and Serge Mathieu from Champagne, but also some lovely Moscato d’Asti, Raventos i Blanc Cava from Spain, and many more.–John Herbstritt of Cheese Plus


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