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What Do World Peace and GMO Labeling Have to do With Each Other?

8 Mar

Proposition 30 – you know, that proposition that we voted against (I didn’t, just sayin)? In trying to understand why anyone would vote against that in a weird way I finally came to understand it’s the same reason we don’t have world peace. Let me explain.

I always thought when a soldier says he or she “fights for his or her country”  they meant the government as in they are fighting for those that run it.  Now I realize maybe they were fighting for what this country stands for in its papers ie. that document that says “We the People” (the Constitution) and that other one that starts with “When in the course of human events…” (that’s the Declaration by the way, I didn’t know the first paragraph). Because I have to say that I am not at all impressed at the lack of leadership from those who run any “wing” right or left, that spends it’s time failing in it’s job, acting illegally, spending my money without my approval and refusing to take a stand and demand that the “people” of this country take responsibility for themselves and get off their asses and get to work without entitlement and arrogance.  We don’t have leadership like that anymore and it seems to be linked to ignorance on our part.  We don’t seem to want to take responsibility.  We want someone else to take the fall.  We don’t demand and we don’t stand up.  It is sad and shameful.  It is unseemly if not unlawful.  I love my country and what it stands for on paper.  I am ashamed of what we have become.  Now let’s talk about what we can do about it…..

What can we do about it? – I believe the political “topics” of today “the economy, oil, gay rights, womans rights, immigration are just distractions to real issues that our government can’t solve.  Our best and brightest don’t seem to want to be in government so we are left with the average person that doesn’t know how to solve the easy issues and work on the tough long term issues.  Those long term critical issues that are complicated to work on are all linked together with one crowing jewel: World Peace.  Cliché you say?  I beg to differ. Everything else solves itself within the confines of World Peace.  We have an abundance of human intelligence that can solve every problem if we choose to understand there is an abundance of everything.  Through that acknowledgement alone the rest is just how quickly we could work together to solve our environmental issues. Why don’t we want World Peace?  Probably the same answer for why we voted against GMO labeling or Gay marriage.  We don’t want to know what it will take to get there because if we know then we can’t hide behind ignorance.  World Peace is only a decision to do the right thing.  That “right thing” we so struggle to hold on to or ignore when we want what we want.  At some point we have to acknowledge we are allowing our government to lead the world and frankly I don’t see it going down the path of Peace.  P.S.  I don’t apologize for ranting and I am always open to a conversation to learn more.  Regardless, don’t hate me.  I am a sensitive person and am known to cry.–Tara